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OPS 2016 – Renewal of the core curriculum for pre-primary and basic education in Finland

The Finnish National Board of Education began to prepare the past year (february 2013) the new national core curriculum for basic and pre-primary education.

The new curriculum will be based on the Decree on national objectives and distribution of teaching hours in basic education (422/2012), issued by the Government in June 2012.

The renewed core curriculum will be completed by the end of 2014. New local curricula that are based on this core curriculum should be prepared by the beginning of school year 2016–2017.

The preparation is carried out in working groups that focus on structure and objectives, conceptions of learning, support for learning and the different subjects taught in basic education. Each working group consists of educational officials, researchers and teachers.

The preparation of the curriculum is interactive. All education providers can follow the preparation and give feedback at the different phases. They are also encouraged to involve pupils and their parents in the process.

The objectives of the renewal include:
  • building on the current strengths of basic education and pre-primary education and developing them in relation to changing needs
  • defining educational values and principles so that they are based on supporting the versatile growth of pupils, strengthening their identities and utilising interactive methods that promote sustainable development
  • defining objectives based on future needs of competences, strengthening the cooperation between different subjects
  • strengthening the preconditions for learning in a versatile and interactive environment
  • structuring educational content in order to focus on the essential
  • supporting local pedagogic development
  • encouraging education providers to combine curricular work with strategic development
  • creating a flexible web-based curriculum tool for schools and education
OPS 2016 - Curriculum reform in Finland (pdf)

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